OK I have a Portfolio to build and a business to start

I came across an article today on the Strobist about working for free. I have been contemplating on how to gain recognition and new business with out breaking the bank.  I believe in Pro-bono work for a worthy cause and couldn’t think of a more worthy cause than myself.  I believe I have found the answer with offering up free services to local businesses for exchange for enhancing my portfolio.  Of course, my intent is to create a very compelling product for them as well and gain respect from their peers of which will be (future) paying clients.

As for this article…I get it.  This will help me in a couple ways.  What type of photographer do I want to be.  I do know that art doesn’t always sell, but it makes you whole and keeps the passion inside you driving for the next best shot.  Photography with a purpose whether it be corporate, portrait or events pay the bills.  Just as in any job, once you lose the passion or stop having fun, it becomes more like work.  I hate work, but I love to have fun.

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  1. Robert Cunningham says:

    Just curious. I have either a photograph or a painting of a pair of mules in full harness dated 1979. Would you by any chance be the person who produced this? It is also signed.

    Bob Cunningham

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