Frederick Area Seniors looking for a Photographer?

boonsboro-washington-monument-023-webHelp me build my portfolio.  The economy is tough and mom and dad need to save money for college.  I am looking to build a business and need your help.  For the cost of one session $225, I will photograph you on location at one of Frederick’s local attractions or scenic areas.  This expense will include $100 worth of photos from my Price Page.  We can add more items for additional

What to expect:  An hour or two of artistic shots of you in your comfort zone.  Bring a couple changes of clothes and a few items of interest to you, like a football, field hockey stick, skate board, Tuba… you know the stuff that you do for fun and probably makes mom and dad nervous.

What you’ll get: 100 bucks worth of photos.  You pick which ones and then I’ll clean them up.  You know, get rid of the zits.  I’ll even let you have a copy for your facebook profile.

This offer is only good for the first four seniors.  Prices will go up after that.  This will be a $200-300 savings to you.  Call or email me to schedule your session.

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  1. Bob Carney says:

    Saw your site and was surprised to find another photographer with the same name.

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