Not a good week for Middletown

I was out cutting grass today when I heard the sirens and thought nothing of it.  I turned to head back to the house and saw the plumes of black smoke bellowing from behind the trees just down the road.  I ran in the house and grab the camera.  I got down to the house on Unakite and the Pumper truck was already on scene and just hooking up water.  Walking down towards the house through the onlookers I heard that everyone was out safely.

It is so unfortunate for the homeowners, but I want to tell you something, I really have great respect for the firefighters.  This has been the second time I had the opportunity to see a fire close up and in its early stages.  These guys are a well oiled machine.  They are all volunteers.  I do a lot of volunteer work for Relay for Life, serve at the soup kitchen, Patty Pollatos Fund and so on, but that has nothing on these guys.  They are the real deal.  We are normally running out of the house or harms way as they can’t wait to get into it!

The next time they are asking for money…please don’t hesitate to pull out your wallet.  I would really hate to see them run out of gas on the way to your house or your neighbors.

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  1. Hi Bob — Wow, excellent job at photographing this tragedy! We lost everything to a fire once, and it is a horrible and helpless feeling watching everything burn before your eyes! Yes, this was a very sad week for Middletown…

    • gotbob says:

      Thank you Kathy. I can only imagine the feeling of such loss. Fortunately I never had to experience one myself. I am glad to see you have recovered from yours and no one was hurt. Some are not so lucky.

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