Gettysburg 27th Indiana Infantry Reg

It was a Living History weekend at Gettysburg National Park. Volunteers put on mini reenactments for the tourist and let me tell you.  They must really love this hobby.  I was dying in this heat and here they are all dressed up in heavy wool uniforms.  Curators explained the details of the event as the troops charged across the fields. At the end of the demonstration they informed the crowd that this weekend was in honor of one of their fallen comrades,  (If you have the name of that gentleman, I will give him recognition here and on the the collage I created.) Charles Heath of Middletown, MD.

If you get the opportunity to see these guys in action, I recommend it.  They are very knowledgeable in civil war history…if they don’t know, they’ll just make it up. 🙂  Check the Gettysburg Battlefield website for the next living history event.

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You can see more photos from the shoot and order pictures on the Gettysburg 27th Indiana Infantry Gallery.  If you like those photos you can see my shots of the annual Luminary Ceremony on Antietam Battlefield.

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  1. Joe Bordonaro says:

    Excellent photos! The gentleman who was commemorated at the event was Charles Heath of Middletown, Maryland. He passed away last month. He was a guiding light in the reenacting avocation for many years.
    -Joe Bordonaro

    • gotbob says:

      Thanks Joe. I actually live in Middletown. I probably ran into him during our Heritage Days. They had a small camp set up during the festivities.

  2. Nice job on the sepia Bob

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