House Family Reunion

Labor Day at a park with the smell of burgers and hot dogs…mmmm.  How else do you celebrate one of the holidays that marks the end of summer? The Houses spend their Labor day reminiscing about the good ole days with a good ole fashion family reunion.  I was invited by a friend to take photos of this special event.  In between eating (which was outstanding by the way,) I grabbed up some candid shots and managed to get groups of each family together.  As “Hank” said when he introduced me to the crowd…”If you don’t think pictures aren’t important, take a look at the collection from days past in the book that everyone put together of our ancestors and you will see the importance.”

The event wraps up with a discussion and stories of days past.  I didn’t know a soul except for one prior to going, but felt I knew the whole family afterwards.  A family that proudly grew up in the Middletown Valley with plenty of stories to tell.   Thanks for the invite.  I hope I captured a few moments in time that make it to Aunt Prissy’s book.   You can see the whole collection by clicking here.   Here are the instruction on how to order prints and also other memorabilia.

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Have a great day.

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  1. Brittany says:

    This pictures are FANTASTIC! Family is SOO sweet!

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