Let it Snow – Wisp Needs it to be cold

In the winter time, the heart beat around the lake is Wisp Ski Resort.  That is what brings in the tourist during this glacial time of the year.   We had some early snow back in October, but that was only a tease.  It was enough to force me to go out and get a 4-wheel drive vehicle (my driveway is brutal.)   The temperatures in October and November never stay cold enough to justify opening the slopes.  This past week though, we had five inches of snow in places around Garrett County.   The humming started up on the mountain as the temperatures plummeted below freezing.   That humming would be the sounds of the world-renowned snow making machines strategically placed along 90% of the slopes.   Wisp has refined the snow making process so well that other resorts have come here to duplicate it.  Garrett County has an average of 100″ already, but they are able to add to it with the capabilities of making almost four tons of snow each night.

While others can’t stand the snow…we say “let it snow, let it snow!!!” Wisp is hoping to open December 5th.  Check their website for up-to-date slope conditions.

2 Responses to Let it Snow – Wisp Needs it to be cold

  1. Chris says:

    I showed @AlGorithm the picture. He’s been jonesin’ for a ski trip. Look, GotBob get’s to ski any time he wants! He shot me squinty eyes.

  2. gotbob says:

    LOL. Tell him I have been skiing so much that I have been treating this blog just like his pinball blog…Almost Abandoned! 🙂

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