There’s nothing to do in Deep Creek

Samantha Fund the Arts 5KYou hear that quite often by the locals in Garrett County, but let me tell you something…not true for this past weekend.  I am fortunate to be affiliated with a lot of great organizations; Relay for Life, AYSO, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, Mountain Maryland Gateway to  the West Heritage Area and many others.  When you participate within your local community, you will have plenty to do.  Well, especially if you are a photographer.  A lot of what I do is for my own personal gratification, but most of it is done to help others cherish the moments that they might not ever get back.  Ask the parents of Landon Boal, Samantha Gibson and Andrew Woods if they would like to have more photos of their children, let alone having them back.  This weekend started off with an annual event created by Bill Weisgerber, WGW Benefit Golf Tournament, to honor the children and raise money for the foundations that their parents created to carry on the memories of these wonderful Garrett County children.  This year’s event raised well over $60,000 to give back to the community in which they lived.  This show great support for such a small community and the love of these children.  I was proud to be part of it.  Any photos that I shot during the event are offered for sale and the profits will be donated back to these organizations.

To finish off day one, there was another annual event that has been going of for 36 years and


that’s the Grantsville Days.  This event looks to help local charities and volunteer groups do some fund raising.   I only photographed the Parade this year and helped out at the AYSO Soccer booth selling hot dogs and sloppy joes.   This event helps us buy uniforms and maintain the fields at our six field soccer complex.

In between these two events, I managed to squeeze in sometime and head over to Wisp for one of their newest annual events, DockDogs.  This year was the Eastern Regional Championships for the canine athletes.   They move on to Nationals after this.  If you are a dog lover, this is one event you need to add to your itinerary.  It’s amazing how far these dogs can jump.

DockDogs at Wisp

These events went on throughout the weekend.   Today is Sunday and I’m still recuperating.  Oh wait, I still have to head back to Grantsville Days to help out while the “Fabulous Hubcaps” play.   There just nothing to do around here.


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