Can’t get enough of the beauty around Deep Creek Lake

I have been very fortunate to find a job in Garrett County that allows me to stop and smell the roses.  Being in real estate allows me to traverse the county and look at gorgeous homes.  And all the while, allowing me to stop and shoot some amazing places.   The photo below was shot from Wisp Resort earlier this week.  The clouds made the shot even more dramatic.  I added a graduated orange filter to make sky look even more appealing.  A lot of the time when your eye sees such vivid colors, the camera doesn’t always see what you are seeing.  That’s where you work with the equipment you have and help it.

Garrett County Sunsets

If you want to see more of the Deep Creek area through my eyes, below is a slideshow of some of my photos.  Feel free to stop by my website and purchase one of your favorites.


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