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Not a good week for Middletown

I was out cutting grass today when I heard the sirens and thought nothing of it.  I turned to head back to the house and saw the plumes of black smoke bellowing from behind the trees just down the road.  I ran in the house and grab the camera.  I got down to the house on Unakite and the Pumper truck was already on scene and just hooking up water.  Walking down towards the house through the onlookers I heard […]

Frederick TEA Party 2009

I went downtown Wednesday not only to be part of the protest, but to document the event. It was a pretty wet afternoon. I’m not complaining, but I do need to get a waterproof kit for my camera. It was a little rough balancing an umbrella and taking photos at the same time. Anyways, this little girl was with her family supporting the crowd message. Somehow her message is a little more bold than the rest of them. I mean […]

Granalta Fire picture made it to the FNP front page

My son and I were heading down Route 40 on Thursday when we noticed the black plume of smoke behind Frederick Towne Mall.  I told him, I knew what that means and began my quest to find it.  We headed down Waverly towards Shookstown and Kemp Lane.  That’s when the Fire Chief passed us with lights and siren blaring.  We were obviously heading in the right direction.  When we pulled up on Granalta Court, I tried to find a location […]