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Testing new photo ordering program

I’m trying out a new photo ordering program to see if it is simpler and more efficient. [nggallery id=21]

Strip District dahn tahn Picksburgh

Sometimes I venture out of Garrett county and head back home.  Fortunately, home is only about an hour and half away.

Life this winter has just passed me by

Well we did finally get snow and LOTS of it.  We finished off with more than 25 feet for the year.  Yes, that was a record which we just cruised by.  I did get to do a lot of skiing this year.   And of course a lot of digging out as well.  It was so bad at times for us that we had to use a snowmobile for a few weeks to get to our house.  The four wheel drive […]

First shot of Deep Creek Lake

I started my new career here in McHenry, MD.  I know, I know it really sucks for me.  A couple things about me while I build this website, just in case someone finds this new site; I am the manager of Long & Fosters Deep Creek Lake Resort and Sales office located on Garrett Highway.   I have been a nomad for a good part of my adult life.  I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, served in the Army, came back […]

FCAR 2008 Awards

I was asked to photograph the Annual Frederick County Associations of REALTORS® Awards ceremony. This year was hosted by Ed Black and Trish Mills at the Frederick FSK Holiday Inn. The evening started off with some appetizers and a cash bar. Everyone, dressed to the nines, were meeting up with old friends and colleagues prior to the ceremonies.  The evening was topped off by a scrumptious dinner of either Roasted Turkey or London Broil.  I think Mary McLaughlin had a […]

OK I have a Portfolio to build and a business to start

I came across an article today on the Strobist about working for free. I have been contemplating on how to gain recognition and new business with out breaking the bank.  I believe in Pro-bono work for a worthy cause and couldn’t think of a more worthy cause than myself.  I believe I have found the answer with offering up free services to local businesses for exchange for enhancing my portfolio.  Of course, my intent is to create a very compelling […]

This Frederick Photographer site is a work in Progress

It’s about time that I start spending a little more time on this site and generate some business.  I threw this site together a few months ago and haven’t done much to it.  I think I have analysis paralysis.  Stuck in the thinking about it mode and not doing it mode.  I need to just do it…like Nike would say. Keep checking back or at least just write down my contact info.  I am willing to give you a quote […]

Color shots