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There’s nothing to do in Deep Creek

You hear that quite often by the locals in Garrett County, but let me tell you something…not true for this past weekend.  I am fortunate to be affiliated with a lot of great organizations; Relay for Life, AYSO, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, Mountain Maryland Gateway to  the West Heritage Area and many others.  When you participate within your local community, you will have plenty to do.  Well, especially if you are a photographer.  A lot of what I do […]

Veterans Day at Garrett Community College

Danielle at my office hung up some flyers about an event at GCC a few weeks ago that I thought would be pretty interesting.  They are participating in a Remembrance Day National Roll Call of all the veterans from the Iraq war from the last ten years.  A total of 6313 names will be read today by family, friends, vets, and local dignitaries including a retired two star General today.  There are 183 schools participating the reading of the Roll […]

Burton Rail Jam at Wisp

I stopped by Wisp last night to find the Burton Rail Jam was winding up.  Some of my daughters friends were participating in the Jamfest, so I thought I would bust out the camera and try to capture some of the nonstop action.  These kids RAWKed this terrain park.   They had three heats and the best two runs were calculated.  Top three from each category won some narly Burton gear.  You can see and order prints from my gallery page […]

House Family Reunion

Labor Day at a park with the smell of burgers and hot dogs…mmmm.  How else do you celebrate one of the holidays that marks the end of summer? The Houses spend their Labor day reminiscing about the good ole days with a good ole fashion family reunion.  I was invited by a friend to take photos of this special event.  In between eating (which was outstanding by the way,) I grabbed up some candid shots and managed to get groups […]

1st Wedding under my belt – Thanks Chris Vigliotti

I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding with Chris Vigliotti.  He was gracious to ask me to help out as a 3rd shooter to get me started.  It was a pretty good experience.  I had been apprehensive of taking on the responsibility for a wedding.  I think this is definitely something that I could grow into over time.  So, still not accepting wedding request at this time, however, I will gladly step up to second shooter to help […]

Gettysburg 27th Indiana Infantry Reg

It was a Living History weekend at Gettysburg National Park. Volunteers put on mini reenactments for the tourist and let me tell you.  They must really love this hobby.  I was dying in this heat and here they are all dressed up in heavy wool uniforms.  Curators explained the details of the event as the troops charged across the fields. At the end of the demonstration they informed the crowd that this weekend was in honor of one of their […]

Not a good week for Middletown

I was out cutting grass today when I heard the sirens and thought nothing of it.  I turned to head back to the house and saw the plumes of black smoke bellowing from behind the trees just down the road.  I ran in the house and grab the camera.  I got down to the house on Unakite and the Pumper truck was already on scene and just hooking up water.  Walking down towards the house through the onlookers I heard […]

FCAR 2008 Awards

I was asked to photograph the Annual Frederick County Associations of REALTORS® Awards ceremony. This year was hosted by Ed Black and Trish Mills at the Frederick FSK Holiday Inn. The evening started off with some appetizers and a cash bar. Everyone, dressed to the nines, were meeting up with old friends and colleagues prior to the ceremonies.  The evening was topped off by a scrumptious dinner of either Roasted Turkey or London Broil.  I think Mary McLaughlin had a […]

Granalta Fire picture made it to the FNP front page

My son and I were heading down Route 40 on Thursday when we noticed the black plume of smoke behind Frederick Towne Mall.  I told him, I knew what that means and began my quest to find it.  We headed down Waverly towards Shookstown and Kemp Lane.  That’s when the Fire Chief passed us with lights and siren blaring.  We were obviously heading in the right direction.  When we pulled up on Granalta Court, I tried to find a location […]

Antietam Battlefield Memorial Luminaries

I had the privilege to photograph the Antietam Battlefield Luminaries this weekend with the Brunswick Photographers Guild.  It turned out to be a very cold night but it was exciting to be there.  I am not going to talk much about the history of the ceremonies.  You can read more about it on the Official Antietam Battlefield Memorial site. It was a big learning experience for me as low light conditions are challenging to focus.  I had the basic setup […]