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There’s nothing to do in Deep Creek

You hear that quite often by the locals in Garrett County, but let me tell you something…not true for this past weekend.  I am fortunate to be affiliated with a lot of great organizations; Relay for Life, AYSO, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, Mountain Maryland Gateway to  the West Heritage Area and many others.  When you participate within your local community, you will have plenty to do.  Well, especially if you are a photographer.  A lot of what I do […]

Gorgeous Sunset at the Garrett County Fair

I attended the Garrett County fair last night and while watching the Tractor Pulls, we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset.   If you haven’t been to the fair, you need to stop by.  It is definitely a very cheap night.  $10 ride all night last night and free access to all the shows.  Cooter’s from Dukes of Hazard has his own band and will be performing this evening.     

Things are getting busy around here

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, and that’s because I have been pretty busy.  Work, Soccer and photography has all been time consuming.  My work has been juried and accepted to be shown in the Garrett County Art Gallery.  That was pretty exciting for me. I have been shooting nature for some time now, but never had the confidence that it was public worthy for resale.  With a lot of pushing from friends, I did it.  A […]

Battling Snowmagedon

If there is one thing to note about Garrett County is the snow, but better yet…the road crews.  They always come through and keep the roads cleared.

Snowmagedon 2010

Let it Snow – Wisp Needs it to be cold

In the winter time, the heart beat around the lake is Wisp Ski Resort.  That is what brings in the tourist during this glacial time of the year.   We had some early snow back in October, but that was only a tease.  It was enough to force me to go out and get a 4-wheel drive vehicle (my driveway is brutal.)   The temperatures in October and November never stay cold enough to justify opening the slopes.  This past week […]

I’m delighted to see a real bakery in Deep Creek

I pass it more than twice a day on the way to work, so I decided to stop the other day. Boy am I glad I did. I miss the smell of homemade bread and pastries. I think I gained 10 pounds just walking in there. We used to have a good bakery around just about every corner growing up. It is definitely a dying breed. The Fazen Bakery and Catering Company actually had two locations; Grantsville and Accident.  But […]