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Sunsetting on the farm

Thunder Moon over Garrett County

This amazing shot was of the Thunder Moon.  This home sits high atop one of the hillsides in Accident, MD.  Normally when I shoot the moon, I shoot it twice.  Once for the foreground and once for the moon.  This was done with one shot zoomed in tight from a very good distance away.  This home has an amazing view.

And the Thunder Rolls

Purple Mountains Majesty

Gorgeous Deep Creek Sunrise

Muddy Creek Falls in the Fall

Can anyone really get enough of this State Park?  There is so much that Swallow Falls State park has to offer as far as nature’s beauty.   Even though I have enough winter shots of this place, I will be back when it gets snow covered again.

This place has gone to the bears

It has been a while since I have been over here on this site.  I have had quite the busy summer taking in some of the area photos, coaching soccer and work.  I have been able to get out and see some of the fantastic beauty that surrounds this area.  I have samples of Garrett County and Deep Creek lake posted to on my Deep Creek Photos website.  Hope you enjoy.  I will be moving some of them to my […]

Muddy Creek Falls

Autumn Falls

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