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Rock on

Davisson Brothers Band playing at Wisp Resort.

Portrait session with Deep Roots in Deep Creek

I had the opportunity to sit down with the Spiker Spiker-Holcomb Team today and fire off some team photos for them.  This one truly depicts the team.  They are a relaxed, efficient and extremely knowledgeable group of individuals.

Damn tourist

Our last game of the season

In 2 and half months, Mel Mcfarland and myself, took nineteen girls and turned them into one team called the Northern JV Lady Huskies.  They each had special talents that contributed to the success of the team.   We finished the season off with a pretty impressive record of 8-2-1.  It took a lot of my time after work but I did get to spend it with my daughter and a bunch of foster daughters.  The time spent was something that […]

Congratulations to Bob and Betsy Holcomb

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a wonderful wedding at Lodestone Golf Course to witness the marriage of Bob and Betsy.  This course was built by Bob and the reason that their paths crossed.  Congrats to two great people and wonderful friends.

Savage Man Triathlon

Deemed as the hardest Half Tri around, this is a grueling 70 mile test of endurance.  I sat on “Killer Miller” hill because of the the amazing back drop of fall foliage.

Deep Creek Art and Wine Festival

More than 200 wines were served at this year’s Art & Wine Festival.  You can find out more information about this annual event on the official Deep Creek Art and Wine Festival website.  You can find more photos of the event here.

The fall is consumed by Soccer

This my wonderful daughter.  Soccer has consumed most, if not all, of my time this fall.  I hardly had time to seek out some of the natures beauty this month because of focusing on coaching some of the best ladies in Garrett County; The Northern Garrett Lady Huskies Soccer team.   They are off to a great season.

Self portrait

Playing around with strobes and backlighting, I decided to step in front of the camera.  Most photographers stay behind the camera for just this reason…they don’t like their picture taken.

Chili Cook off Fear Factor

Wisp’s annual Chili Cook off had a Fear Factor style contest for kids.  They had to dig through sauce, chunks of tomatoes, sardines, spam and other unsavory editable items and pull out items with their mouth.