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Crazy as a Fox

This colorful guy wondered into the yard during daylight hours and just walked in circles.  Had no idea what was going on.  Unfortunately, a sign of some distemperment problems and had to be put down.  Too many kids and pets in the area to risk a case of rabies.

Hills are ablaze

Do you ever wonder if the horses even notice the leaves?   And the fact that they make the countryside a much nicer with them grazing along 219?  Driving by yesterday, I just had to stop.  The horses greeted me at the fence to see what I was up to then went back to grazing.

Chippy on watch

I caught this little guy watching me as I walked down to Muddy Creek Falls in Swallow Falls State Park.

Sunsetting on the farm

Foggy Firetower over Dan’s Mountain

Orange Weeds

And the Thunder Rolls

One of mans best friends

MR Duck front cover

Brown Trout running wild