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Things are getting busy around here

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, and that’s because I have been pretty busy.  Work, Soccer and photography has all been time consuming.  My work has been juried and accepted to be shown in the Garrett County Art Gallery.  That was pretty exciting for me. I have been shooting nature for some time now, but never had the confidence that it was public worthy for resale.  With a lot of pushing from friends, I did it.  A […]

Brown Trout running wild

Eagles nest on Savage Resevoir

Waiting on Spring to arrive

Reflecting on a small lake house

The bottom of Muddy Creek Falls during Spring melt

This shot was featured on the front page of the Deep Creek Times.

A lonely winter tree

One of my favorite trees in Garrett County.  This weathered and torn tree stand steady near the road.  It has such great character.

Frozen Muddy Creek Falls in HDR

While standing on the frozen stream I was able to capture this amazing spectacle of nature.

Clouds and rain covers Deep Creek Lake

HDR is a fun process of mixing and combining over and under exposure shots of the same photo.  This one was on a cloudy day with some rain off in the distance.  It always pulls the texture in from the clouds that is easily flattened out with the naked eye.  As you can see it also pulls the branches and leave out of the background and makes them stand out better.

Old man snapper