Gettysburg 27th Indiana Infantry Reg

It was a Living History weekend at Gettysburg National Park. Volunteers put on mini reenactments for the tourist and let me tell you.  They must really love this hobby.  I was dying in this heat and here they are all dressed up in heavy wool uniforms.  Curators explained the details of the event as the troops charged across the fields. At the end of the demonstration they informed the crowd that this weekend was in honor of one of their fallen comrades,  (If you have the name of that gentleman, I will give him recognition here and on the the collage I created.) Charles Heath of Middletown, MD.

If you get the opportunity to see these guys in action, I recommend it.  They are very knowledgeable in civil war history…if they don’t know, they’ll just make it up. 🙂  Check the Gettysburg Battlefield website for the next living history event.

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You can see more photos from the shoot and order pictures on the Gettysburg 27th Indiana Infantry Gallery.  If you like those photos you can see my shots of the annual Luminary Ceremony on Antietam Battlefield.

If you would like photographic coverage of your next event, please don’t hesitate to contact me for availability.

Soccer season begins

Another exciting season for the Hagerstown Crush Soccer is just beginning.  Coach Abib has built this team from the ground up and has moved them from losing records into a winning record in a couple years.  I hope we have another great season.

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You can see the rest of the season as it happens on the gallery sports page plus you can order prints and other items as well.

Use the coupon code “gocrush” and get 20% off your order.

Not a good week for Middletown

I was out cutting grass today when I heard the sirens and thought nothing of it.  I turned to head back to the house and saw the plumes of black smoke bellowing from behind the trees just down the road.  I ran in the house and grab the camera.  I got down to the house on Unakite and the Pumper truck was already on scene and just hooking up water.  Walking down towards the house through the onlookers I heard that everyone was out safely.

It is so unfortunate for the homeowners, but I want to tell you something, I really have great respect for the firefighters.  This has been the second time I had the opportunity to see a fire close up and in its early stages.  These guys are a well oiled machine.  They are all volunteers.  I do a lot of volunteer work for Relay for Life, serve at the soup kitchen, Patty Pollatos Fund and so on, but that has nothing on these guys.  They are the real deal.  We are normally running out of the house or harms way as they can’t wait to get into it!

The next time they are asking for money…please don’t hesitate to pull out your wallet.  I would really hate to see them run out of gas on the way to your house or your neighbors.

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Frederick TEA Party 2009

I went downtown Wednesday not only to be part of the protest, but to document the event. It was a pretty wet afternoon. I’m not complaining, but I do need to get a waterproof kit for my camera. It was a little rough balancing an umbrella and taking photos at the same time.

Anyways, this little girl was with her family supporting the crowd message. Somehow her message is a little more bold than the rest of them. I mean how do you repay THAT much money?

Only they will find out. I am sure I will never see a zero balance in my life time.

FCAR 2008 Awards

I was asked to photograph the Annual Frederick County Associations of REALTORS® Awards ceremony. This year was hosted by Ed Black and Trish Mills at the Frederick FSK Holiday Inn. The evening started off with some appetizers and a cash bar. Everyone, dressed to the nines, were meeting up with old friends and colleagues prior to the ceremonies.  The evening was topped off by a scrumptious dinner of either Roasted Turkey or London Broil.  I think Mary McLaughlin had a half a turkey on her plate.

Below are some of the shots from the banquet.  You can order any of them through my client page .  If you would like to purchase any of the photos, just add them to the shopping cart and then Print with Digibug.  There are a wide selection of print options.



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Frederick Area Seniors looking for a Photographer?

boonsboro-washington-monument-023-webHelp me build my portfolio.  The economy is tough and mom and dad need to save money for college.  I am looking to build a business and need your help.  For the cost of one session $225, I will photograph you on location at one of Frederick’s local attractions or scenic areas.  This expense will include $100 worth of photos from my Price Page.  We can add more items for additional

What to expect:  An hour or two of artistic shots of you in your comfort zone.  Bring a couple changes of clothes and a few items of interest to you, like a football, field hockey stick, skate board, Tuba… you know the stuff that you do for fun and probably makes mom and dad nervous.

What you’ll get: 100 bucks worth of photos.  You pick which ones and then I’ll clean them up.  You know, get rid of the zits.  I’ll even let you have a copy for your facebook profile.

This offer is only good for the first four seniors.  Prices will go up after that.  This will be a $200-300 savings to you.  Call or email me to schedule your session.

Granalta Fire picture made it to the FNP front page

My son and I were heading down Route 40 on Thursday when we noticed the black plume of smoke behind Frederick Towne Mall.  I told him, I knew what that means and began my quest to find it.  We headed down Waverly towards Shookstown and Kemp Lane.  That’s when the Fire Chief passed us with lights and siren blaring.  We were obviously heading in the right direction.  When we pulled up on Granalta Court, I tried to find a location out of the way of the trucks and found a spot that was partially off the road on part on the edge of someones yard.  I was adamantly asked to move by the owner, so I obliged and moved further down the road.  (Poor guy should of just let me stay there.  Later when we left, we notice one of the 15 fire trucks was making a nice rut in his yard when they were parking.)  I ran up the street to see that one truck was there just unloading and the chief was in position getting ready for the rest of the trucks.  I stayed out of the trained professionals way while I snapped off some pictures.  It appeared that everyone was safely out of the house, but the homeowner was distraught in front of the blazing home. I was amazed at how organized and professional all the firefighter were during this crisis.  The shot that makes front page, looks as if the Fireman was just having another day at the office and nonchalantly walks out of the smoke filled house.  I also had a few shot make the FNP website article for the Breaking News and the full article as well.

Just another day at the office
Nice crop

Nice crop

This was an all new experience for me to be at horrific scene to capture the moment.  It feels odd to be celebrating an outstanding shot at someone elses loss.  As I think about it, most of history’s most memorable photographs are at the times of misfortune.  If photojournalism is something that I continue to pursue or at least dabble in, I guess, it is something that I will need to get used to.  I must say it is rather exciting to see something like this in print, but I guess it would wear off if that’s all I did everyday.

So, here are a few other shots from the scene.

Just getting the hoses out

Just getting the hoses out

Tanker on Scene

Tanker on Scene

We're going in, just give us the sign.

We're going in, just give us the sign.

Just a little Oxygen for him.

Just a little Oxygen for him.

A couple of my photos have been published

I was please to be asked for a couple of my photos to be used lately in a variety of mediums.  My sunset over Middletown is currently being used on the Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce in Maryland.   I was also asked for one of my photos to be used in the Frederick County Association of REALTORS® bi-monthly Newsletter.   You can see the examples below.  I have a large collection of photos in the area.  If you need a stock shot of Frederick County, please send me an email with what you are looking for and I will see if I have something to complete your publication.

Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce website

Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce website

Frederick County Association of REALTORS Newsletter

Frederick County Association of REALTORS Newsletter

Antietam Battlefield Memorial Luminaries

I had the privilege to photograph the Antietam Battlefield Luminaries this weekend with the Brunswick Photographers Guild.  It turned out to be a very cold night but it was exciting to be there.  I am not going to talk much about the history of the ceremonies.  You can read more about it on the Official Antietam Battlefield Memorial site. It was a big learning experience for me as low light conditions are challenging to focus.  I had the basic setup a tripod and my wireless remote, but the wind created some camera shake.  Lesson learned…need heavier tripod or weights to hold it steady in adverse conditions.  Double check the shot in on the camera and zoom in to varies locations to check the accuracy of the focus.  And then pack up for another shot. I had quite a few that looked good on the camera but wasn’t nearly as well as I remembered once I downloaded them.

Here’s a few from the shoot.
Maryland Monument over looking the fields
Antietam Battlefield Luminaries
I played around with photoshop and created a magazine cover to summerize the event. We had some fun with light painting using large portable spot lights. Unfortunately none of my painted shots turned out as well as I had wished.

Antietam Mag Cover copy

You can see some of the others on my gallery.

OK I have a Portfolio to build and a business to start

I came across an article today on the Strobist about working for free. I have been contemplating on how to gain recognition and new business with out breaking the bank.  I believe in Pro-bono work for a worthy cause and couldn’t think of a more worthy cause than myself.  I believe I have found the answer with offering up free services to local businesses for exchange for enhancing my portfolio.  Of course, my intent is to create a very compelling product for them as well and gain respect from their peers of which will be (future) paying clients.

As for this article…I get it.  This will help me in a couple ways.  What type of photographer do I want to be.  I do know that art doesn’t always sell, but it makes you whole and keeps the passion inside you driving for the next best shot.  Photography with a purpose whether it be corporate, portrait or events pay the bills.  Just as in any job, once you lose the passion or stop having fun, it becomes more like work.  I hate work, but I love to have fun.