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Award winning photo for Autumn

This photo got a little recognition from a contest that I entered on Maryland Tourism Facebook page.  I had decided a day before that I needed to improve my portfolio of Autumn shots.  A lot of the shots that I use in advertisements for my office are supplied by me.  I have tons of winter photos, but seem to always miss the prime time for the Autumn bliss.  Well, needless to say, I snapped this shot and a few others […]

Bear Creek in the fall

This is quite the cozy little stream that flows through the mountains in Accident and Friendsville.

Room with a view (over scenic Deep Creek Lake)

As the manager of

Clouds and rain covers Deep Creek Lake

HDR is a fun process of mixing and combining over and under exposure shots of the same photo.  This one was on a cloudy day with some rain off in the distance.  It always pulls the texture in from the clouds that is easily flattened out with the naked eye.  As you can see it also pulls the branches and leave out of the background and makes them stand out better.

Muddy Creek Falls in the Fall

Can anyone really get enough of this State Park?  There is so much that Swallow Falls State park has to offer as far as nature’s beauty.   Even though I have enough winter shots of this place, I will be back when it gets snow covered again.

ASCI Pumpkin Fest

This festival marks the end of the season for the Adventures Sports Center International and the end of the Autumn Glory festival.

Moon reflection

Autumn Falls