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Award winning photo for Autumn

This photo got a little recognition from a contest that I entered on Maryland Tourism Facebook page.  I had decided a day before that I needed to improve my portfolio of Autumn shots.  A lot of the shots that I use in advertisements for my office are supplied by me.  I have tons of winter photos, but seem to always miss the prime time for the Autumn bliss.  Well, needless to say, I snapped this shot and a few others […]

This Frederick Photographer site is a work in Progress

It’s about time that I start spending a little more time on this site and generate some business.  I threw this site together a few months ago and haven’t done much to it.  I think I have analysis paralysis.  Stuck in the thinking about it mode and not doing it mode.  I need to just do it…like Nike would say. Keep checking back or at least just write down my contact info.  I am willing to give you a quote […]