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1st Wedding under my belt – Thanks Chris Vigliotti

I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding with Chris Vigliotti.  He was gracious to ask me to help out as a 3rd shooter to get me started.  It was a pretty good experience.  I had been apprehensive of taking on the responsibility for a wedding.  I think this is definitely something that I could grow into over time.  So, still not accepting wedding request at this time, however, I will gladly step up to second shooter to help […]

Frederick Area Seniors looking for a Photographer?

Help me build my portfolio.  The economy is tough and mom and dad need to save money for college.  I am looking to build a business and need your help.  For the cost of one session $225, I will photograph you on location at one of Frederick’s local attractions or scenic areas.  This expense will include $100 worth of photos from my Price Page.  We can add more items for additional What to expect:  An hour or two of artistic […]

This Frederick Photographer site is a work in Progress

It’s about time that I start spending a little more time on this site and generate some business.  I threw this site together a few months ago and haven’t done much to it.  I think I have analysis paralysis.  Stuck in the thinking about it mode and not doing it mode.  I need to just do it…like Nike would say. Keep checking back or at least just write down my contact info.  I am willing to give you a quote […]