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Veterans Day at Garrett Community College

Danielle at my office hung up some flyers about an event at GCC a few weeks ago that I thought would be pretty interesting.  They are participating in a Remembrance Day National Roll Call of all the veterans from the Iraq war from the last ten years.  A total of 6313 names will be read today by family, friends, vets, and local dignitaries including a retired two star General today.  There are 183 schools participating the reading of the Roll […]

Frederick TEA Party 2009

I went downtown Wednesday not only to be part of the protest, but to document the event. It was a pretty wet afternoon. I’m not complaining, but I do need to get a waterproof kit for my camera. It was a little rough balancing an umbrella and taking photos at the same time. Anyways, this little girl was with her family supporting the crowd message. Somehow her message is a little more bold than the rest of them. I mean […]